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Single-Session Phone Counseling

Single-session counseling is reserved for situations where you have a specific concern and are looking for guidance regarding goals. The idea is to leave the session with a sense of emotional relief and increased hope.

You may also leave the session with a specific task or a new way of approaching a troubling issue.

On occasion, you may leave the session with the idea that you want to have ongoing counseling.

The focus is on the problem as it occurs in the present rather than on the past or an underlying cause. This type of counseling is best for a client who is very motivated and has expectations for improvement.

Single-session counseling is viewed as a consultation process in which the therapist offers ideas and the client decides whether to accept them, reject them, or put them on hold.

Rather than being one hour, this single session is 1.5 hours. The fee is $150 and is paid before the session. Unlike my ongoing clients, I do not get credit card information. Therefore, I am paid via Venmo or PayPal.

If you are looking for an opportunity to deal with a specific issue/concern and desire immediate suggestions, this type of counseling is great for you.

To set up your single-session phone counseling, please contact me at 517.449.3800 via text or a call.